Stop Complaining

If you blame the universe for all the wrongs done to you, you are wasting your time.  If you are constantly talking about it, then you are wasting everyone else’s time too.

You see, the Universe is stacked against all of us.  There’s a universal force of nature called entropy that is constantly and silently sucking the life out of the energy in the world.  Look up the 3rd Law of Thermodynamics.  Actually, don’t look it up, that would be a waste of time too and what are you reading for if not to figure out how to save a little time.  Suffice to say that life is like walking up a sand dune – it takes way too many steps to get anywhere – but the view from the top is worth it.  Or you could say that it’s more like a house of cards that, once meticulously built with the greatest of care, has only one possible destiny.  I could go on – there are plenty of analogies to describe the human condition – but why?

No, instead of brooding over your failings, don’t think or talk about who’s to blame and focus on your to do list.  At the top, there is something you’ve been putting off.  Get that thing done and then complain all you want, it’s your life after all and you can spend your time any way you want, but don’t expect anyone to listen as long as they have something at the top of their to do list and the universe is conspiring against them too.

Back to it!