The Procrasti Nation

Feel Better About Yourself

We all procrastinate! Stop feeling bad about it. There’s plenty of other things to feel bad about!

In this blog you will hear about the latest science behind the procrastinative affliction. So at least you know why you procrastinate – even if you can’t stop!

Improve Your Productivity

Get procras-tips to live life more productively according to your personality and ability. Sometimes it takes an inward look to figure out how you can make life better. Other procras-technues you may not have ever thought of might become your daily routine. Who knows! Laugh at yourself and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy Yourself

This is blog for your enjoyment and the entertainment value is the whole point. Expect a lot of bull with some truthiness. Fair warning, many directives will be facetious and you will have to think for yourself to discern them. On the brighter side, there could possibly be some R-rated content.