Love Yourself – and Others

Your momma loves you…maybe your dad.  But face it, everyone else can take or leave you.  No one really cares what’s going on between your ears.  Even your spouse gets bored with you after a few years.  Your kids may love you but they have a funny way of showing it!  This is why you must love yourself.  Be your own advocate, confidante, mentor & prodigy.

So if you love yourself, why don’t you do the things that will make your life better?  Do the things you need to get done so you can begin to live a better life – for yourself.  No one else is working on your to do list but you.  After you knock a few things off your list, you can start living the good life in your hammock with a cocktail and that smug grin of satisfaction knowing that you did it for yourself (mowing the lawn, doing the dishes and whatnot). 

Then, after you get over yourself, turn your attention to the people you love and show them that they are not alone and that you are grateful for them – and maybe help them with their to do list.  That will bring you true happiness so add it to the bottom of your to do list today and every day.