Click Bait – Repurposed

If you’re like me, you are scrolling your feed when you should be doing something else and you get to the bottom and you are told to click here if you know what happens when you sleep with your socks on. It’s irresistible. I wish I knew because sometimes I do sleep with my socks on.

For some, procrastinating is a given. But if you are looking for an incremental improvement in your productivity, start with the click bait. As in, don’t click on it. It’s a rabbit hole of half-finished stories and more tasty bait. And who knows what you are agreeing to in the process!

I’m not saying “don’t read the click bait headlines” – they’re hilarious! Instead, use them as conversation fodder when the party gets dull. “Hey, does anybody know what happens when you sleep with your socks on?” Someone else clicked on it and will tell you about it and you can sip on your drink and watch. Enjoy!

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