It’s time for some definitions; otherwise you won’t know what I’m talking about half the time.  These are words that I either made up or more narrowly define to help make sense out of procrastination.  Someone probably thought of them before me but, to me, this is all original content and I suspect it will be for you to.

  • Procrastinate – to not do something you should be doing
  • Primary Activity – what you should be doing
  • Procrastivity – what you are doing instead of what you should be doing
  • Concrastivity – what you should NOT be doing instead of the Primary Activity
  • Procrastattention – your attention when you are paying attention to a procrastivity
  • Procrastechnique – a tool to ward off procrastinative tendencies
  • Procrastenabler – those things that keep you from doing what you should be doing
  • Procrastevent – the completion of the Activity that you should have been doing – that one you kept repeatedly avoiding – but that upon completion will change your life by removing a burden and releasing you from your misery
  • Procrastinomics – the study of human motivation through the costs and benefits of procrastination