The To Done List

Everyone knows what a To Do List is.  You might even know what a To Don’t List is.  But do you know what a To Done List is?

Sometimes when your To Do List is getting too big and cranky and starts looking at your self-esteem like it were a steak dinner, you need to cage it up for a while and get to work.  When this happens, my last resort procrastechnique is the make a To Done List.  It’s easy.  You should try it.  First, get out a blank piece of paper and write “To Done List” at the top – I like to underline it.  Then, put it aside and do something that you would have put on your To Do List.  Start with something easy and quick just to kick it off on the right foot.  Lastly, write down what you did on your To Done List.  Nice job.  Now write “Learn about To Done Lists.”  And your off to the races – you’re welcome!

It works because the To Done List focuses on your successes and ignores your failures – at least for a little while.  At the end of the day, when you knocked it out of the park, you can pull out your menacing To Do List and start crossing the finished items off.  Perhaps you’ve tamed it for a fight on another day.