The Blog Project – A Tactical Approach

Starting a blog from scratch can be a project alright! With any luck, I will stay on task and not get sidetracked by everything else I need to be doing. That’s one reason why I always create a tactical list when planning a project. A tactical list also helps me remember ALL the steps – some steps can seem optional and are easy to forget. More importantly, for me anyway, the tactical list shows progress and makes the reward more prominent. Each step, when crossed off, represents something that no longer need to be done. Aah!

Here’s my tactical list:

  1. Get a website address
  2. Find a web hosting site
  3. Point the address to the host server
  4. Choose a web page design platform
  5. Create the web site
    1. About Page
    2. Landing Page – show latest post
    3. Blog page and index
    4. Contact Page
  6. Write this post
  7. Post this post
  8. Take a nap

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